i can't feel my legs beneath me,
i can't look at my eyes,
they change,
everything gives way.

i can't tell the difference between right and wrong. 
you can't see me because my eyes are closed. 
give me the key to your soul
why do you run away?  
why can't the world stop? 
give me something to hold on to, something to touch. 

i just want to feel your soft black hair touching my back
as i sleep under that huge tree,
the brown sky overhead filling my ears with thunderbolts. 
lightning has a sound.

i can't tell you where i am anymore, i'm lost. 

where can i go? 
i need a light,
i need a beacon,
i need somethingtoholdonto. 

where are the the suns?   i can't see them anymore. 

i used to love the way the sun would make your eyes sparkle. 

i can't go out into the light anymore. 
i have become someone that i am not. 
you are so different from me, i don't see the way you do. 
your soul speaks to me in a different language,
gibberish almost,
but it's a language. 

what do you listen for when you look into someone's eyes? 
take the time to watch the shadows dance along the crowded streets on a sundayafternooninmay. 

why do you look at me like that?
the love is gone from your eyes. 
i used to live for that,
i still smile when i think of you. 

i can't believe i'm still here.

   -      -             -                  -                         -         -